Why the Nikon D750 is Still King

As a team of professional photographers and videographers, you might expect to see us using the biggest, newest, and most powerful cameras exclusively, but that’s not always the case. Even though Nikon’s D750 doesn’t have the longest list of features or the highest megapixel count, it’s a team favorite. Here are 3 reasons why:


1. Weight: If you’ve ever spent an entire day on your feet shooting a commercial event or a wedding, you know every ounce on your belt counts. Two heavy-duty bodies designed for stills can get REALLY heavy before the day is done. The D810 and D5 bodies are Nikon’s heavy contenders at 2.2 lbs and a whopping 3.1 lbs respectively, while the D750 is a featherweight at 1.7 lbs. Trust us— you can feel the difference!

2. Versatility: perfect balance between photo and video features isn’t unheard of in a modern camera, especially in the mirrorless age, but it is rare. Most of Nikon’s top of the line bodies skimp on video features to deliver with stills, while Sony’s lineup keeps its bodies specifically geared to really shine in one area or the other, not both. The D750, however, sits right in the middle with simple but powerful features for photo video and photo alike.

3. Workflow: We’ve all been there, traveling with a MacBook, editing through a slew of photos numbering in the thousands, waiting 16 seconds every single time Lightroom loads the next massive RAW file. If that’s not a test of your patience, we don’t know what is, and no matter what kind of digital beast you use to edit, RAW photos in the 30 to 40 megapixel range will slow you down. The D750? It lands at a perfect 24.3 megapixel count, keeping stills crisp and clear, but making sure that editing workflow is an absolute breeze.