Patrick Edmiston

Patrick is a business photographer and filmmaker. He aims to blend creativity and community together and has had an influential role in his hometown by spearheading several successful businesses that do just that. Patrick graduated from University of Florida with a degree in Architectural Design, and with a Masters in Construction Management from Colorado State University. Patrick started what would become PHOCO in 2009. There is nothing that stands in the way of Patrick’s desire to provide the highest quality product for his clients. Patrick is well-versed in Celine Dion lyrics, and loves to quote Dumb & Dumber.

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Shaye Fitzgerald 

Working for PHOCO since 2011, Shaye is a photographer who desires to authentically capture the stories unfolding around her. She truly enjoys the work she does with PHOCO for commercial clients in the culinary, cocktail, fitness, & music arts, with clients ranging from mom & pop shops to some of the most well-known brands in the world. You can expect plenty of puns, song lyrics, and don't be surprised if you find her busting a move on the dance floor! 


Ryan Waneka

Ryan is a photographer who has worked for PHOCO since 2015, after graduating from CSU with a degree in Journalism and Technical Communication. He has been recognized for his talents by having his work displayed multiple times over, and was named a Winner of Ron Howard & Canon’s Project Imagination in 2013. He loves to combine his passion for adventure and friendships with photography, often going rock climbing, traveling, hiking, all with a camera in hand! He also regularly slays the volleyball game, camera not in hand.


Reid Cipriani

Reid is a local filmmaker, and was brought on to PHOCO in 2017 as a creative force for the video team. Reid’s passion for film blends together with his desire to create stunning visuals to provide the highest quality product for clients. Reid is usually found one or two steps ahead of the crowd, both with his creative abilities and with his impressive, ever-evolving vocabulary of lingo.


Aaron Patterson

 Aaron landed an internship at PHOCO in the summer of 2017, and came on staff by the end of the year. His years spent in leadership in community invested companies paired with his gifted eye for story-telling sets him apart as one of the most talented and kind individuals you could meet! Passionate about continued pursuit and personal betterment, Aaron decided to go back to school for his nursing degree in the Fall of 2018, and plan a wedding with his fiancé, Alexa.


 Alec Savig

Alec is PHOCO’s new photo intern! He is young, fresh, and full of good ideas. Alec is excited to learn about a variety of photography types, practices, and skills, but we knew we wanted to bring him on because he already has so much talent and promise. Not to mention, he has a great sense of humor and fits right in. This guy has major potential, and we are looking forward to being a part of his growing process.